Prank turns toxic at Glen Hills Middle School

Oct. 24, 2011

A homemade concoction purported to cause "super powers" in the drinker turned out to be a toxic substance mixed together by a student at Glen Hills Middle School and given to another, according to a Glendale police report.

A 9-year-old boy became sick Oct. 14 after drinking a liquid given to him by two students at Glen Hills, 2600 W. Mill Road, earlier that day, his mother told police.

One of the boys later admitted to authorities that he had mixed Dr. Pepper, rubbing alcohol, Tabasco sauce, Clorox wipes and soap, and then taken it to school and offered it to another student, saying it would give him "super powers," the report states.

Paramedics responded to the school and checked the boy out, advising that he should be monitored in case further problems developed.

Police confiscated the liquid. The school kept a small sample, but officials there stated they had no plans to have it analyzed, the report said.

Superintendent Larry Smalley told NOW Newspapers that he believed the boys intended to play a prank but intended no harm. The boys were all 9 years old.

The child who brought the mixture to school was suspended, he said, declining to say for how long.

The child who drank the mixture spit it out immediately after realizing the bad taste, Smalley said. Paramedics were called as a precaution.

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