Aldermen really listen to their constituents

Feb. 20, 2013

Public Forum:

Thank you Aldermen Adams and Abendroth!

On behalf of many of my neighbors located in the "northeast section" of Mequon, I would like to acknowledge and thank Aldermen Pam Adams and Dan Abendroth for their fair and tireless efforts to make Mequon and our neighborhood a better place to live.

During my 20-plus years of residence in the neighborhood, I have seen our neighborhood change to a city urban atmosphere with the plus-5 percent compounded annual growth rate of the Concordia University Wisconsin population. In addition during semester breaks at CUW, for-profit activities on campus have contributed to additional outside population counts and problems in the immediate neighborhood.

Aldermen Adams and Abendroth have made the effort to visit our homes to understand our concerns with these changes. On our behalf, they have been able to rally support from other aldermen (Mayr, Seider and Wirth) to balance the demands of city development within our neighborhood. Aldermen Adams and Abendroth believe in quality economic growth in harmony with quality living environment.

They have also encouraged us to speak as one voice, so was formed. Our mission is to work for conscientious development within Mequon. We have supported quality economic growth initiatives as documented in the minutes of several city meetings. And our organization has grown to more than one hundred residents and business owners throughout Mequon.

In closing, I believe all residents of Mequon are fortunate to have quality people like Aldermen Adams and Abendroth working to make Mequon a better place to live and work.

Phil Koepke



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