Abendroth has better vision for Mequon

Feb. 20, 2013

Public Forum:

As an April 2 mayoral election looms in Mequon, residents all over our community are up in arms over the unbridled development policy of current mayor, Curt Gielow. I served on the Citizens Visioning Committee that produced the Vision 2010 report. Residents overwhelmingly, to a scientifically 95 percent accurate response, said they wanted Mequon to remain no larger in population, wanted preservation of green space and minimal traffic, did not favor fast food restaurants and low income housing. These polling results were consistent with 1995 and 2005 survey data.

Gielow has ignored and voted against resident priorities and concerns repeatedly, even when the council chamber was filled with residents pleading their case. I also served two terms as alderman in Mequon, and know our residents to be intelligent and caring about their community. It is sad to watch Gielow in league with developers override residents' values.

Just one example of how Gielow puts the city's low tax rate at obvious risk. In championing high density residential development to increase student population in our schools, a funding gap of $8,035 per student would be created, which deficit would have to be paid for across Mequon residents and businesses. Let me explain: tax revenue on a home assessed at $300,000 would be $2,619. A single student costs $10,654 per year in school tax levy. What Mequon residents want is quality education for the students we have currently. They don't want to swell the population, with consequent hiring of more teachers and building more schools - all of which means higher taxes.

Dan Abendroth, with more than 26 years experience as alderman, is the alternative to Gielow in this election.

Robert B. Ashmore



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