Mequon Council needs to fill vacant seat

June 7, 2013

Public Forum:

Mequon's Common Council is in another log jam and the losers are the residents of Aldermanic District 1 who apparently will not have an alderman on the Common Council until the April 2014 election. With five votes needed to appoint a replacement to serve until the April 2014 election, they voted, 4-3, on selecting Bob Strzelczyk who ran for the position in April 2013, losing, but garnering 47 percent of the vote. This is the result of Dan Abendroth running for two offices — mayor and District 1 alderman. The victor in both, he quite naturally choose the mayoral office, leaving District 1 without an aldermanic representative. An amendment to a charter ordinance would seem to be in order barring running for two offices in the future.

Alderwoman Adams, who voted against Strzelczyk and for a candidate who may have a conflict of interest as a lawyer in lawsuit involving the city of Mequon, alleges that her constituents approve leaving the seat vacant until April 2014, but I have serious doubts that this reflects a majority view. Would they like to go unrepresented for almost a year? Her comments at the selection meeting, regarding the stalemate being a community issue, shows concern for all of Mequon, and provides a faint light at the end of the tunnel.

She has an opportunity to commit a flagrant act of community well-being by providing the fifth vote needed by Strzelczyk at an upcoming council meeting. Her overt support of Abendroth may not be going down very well with her constituents. Adams just might want to repair bridges with her 8th District voters, who voted in a majority for Mayor Curt Gielow in the April 2013 election.

Stay tuned.

Warren R. Stumpe



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