Gierl as the better choice

March 19, 2014

Public Forum:

It's fortuitous for District 5 residents that the Mequon NOW March 6 interview with aldermanic candidate Patrick Rochford showed his true colors before residents have to go to the polls April 1st.

Considering that the single most important role of an alderman is to represent the interest of the district's residents, Rochford's reason for running — to stand up against an "anti-growth movement" within District 5 — is alarming. How can he be an advocate for residents if he is against them?

His support for the Highland Road interchange for reasons of more growth is also telling considering that District 5 residents registered the lowest support of all districts in the city's 2013 Residents Survey.

Even more appalling is Rochford's statement in the article, "In my position, I've learned to listen." WOW. How can he be a good listener when his mind is already made up?

Mr Rochford you know the biggest difference between you and your opponent? Mark Gierl came to my door on a cold winter day to ask me what my interests are, what I am concerned about with city issues. He listened. His mind wasn't closed. Mark Gierl deserves our votes.

Chuck Reynolds



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