Fox Point-Bayside plans to test alert system Sunday

Jan. 6, 2012

The Fox Point-Bayside School District will be testing its Blackboard Connect mass notification system on Sunday evening, Jan. 8.

The program allows school district leaders to contact parents and others with time-sensitive information.

"Today we must be prepared for emergency situations that we never could have anticipated happening, such as the bank robber apprehension on school grounds at Stormonth and the extended power outage at Bayside this past fall. The Blackboard Connect platform provides our district with the technology needed to quickly communicate with parents and staff," said Rachel Boechler, district administrator, in announcing the new system "We recognize the important role that immediate communication plays in safety, as well as student success, and we will use the system to engage parents and keep them informed of important issues as they come up."

In urgent situations, the district can quickly send accurate notifications and updates to parents and staff, helping to prevent the spread of misinformation, streamline efforts and keep students safe. The system also has the capability to disseminate information such as mandatory school closures, testing schedules, parent teacher conferences and related school events.

The messages can be sent via voice, text or email.

The district is using contact information provided by parents for the test. If you are a community member who erroneously receives a message Sunday night, please notify the district at (414) 247-4167. Parents who do not receive messages during the test and want to be part of the notification system should also contact the district.

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