Fire department warns North Shore to be careful during dry spell

June 27, 2012

The North Shore Fire Department is advising residents to take extra precautions when it comes to outdoor cooking, heat, and fireworks in the upcoming days and during the holiday festivities.

NSFD warns that grilling should be moved away from any structures or dry foliage, that even sparklers may pose a risk due to dryness and burns, and that residents should check on those most vulnerable to the heat, especially infants and the elderly, to make sure they are cool and hydrated.

The fire department has asked event organizers to make sure that firework "fall-out areas" are looked after, and will have representatives at upcoming fireworks displays to assist with safety concerns.

"Everyone is also encouraged to leave the fireworks to the professional shooters," North Shore Fire Chief Robert Whitaker said in a news release. "While this is our message every year, it is even more important this year with the dry conditions we have been experiencing."

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