Brown Deer School Board approves health insurance plan for 2012-2013 school year

April 24, 2012

The Brown Deer School Board approved a health insurance plan tonight that slightly modifies benefits but represents a savings of more than $84,000 over the current plan, which was set to increase by 3 percent.

The district buys its health insurance through the Wisconsin Counties Association

Premium costs will decrease in most cases by a $1 depending on the type of coverage. Co pays for second and third tier prescription drug coverage will increase from $20 to $30 and $40 to $50 respectively. Urgent care co pays will increase from $10 to $25.

The current policy includes a waiver of premium for an employee who would become permanently disabled while on the job but the new policy does not include the waiver. Finance Director Emily Koczela said the waiver was last used in the district in 2004.

Employees who take health insurance will continue to pay a $249 in-network deductible for single coverage and a $500 deductible for a family. There is a $10 copay for office visits.

Hospital services are totally covered after the deductible is met. There is a $100 copay for emergency room services with the remainder covered by the plan. Preventiive care is 100 percent covered.

The annual premium for health insurance policy for the upcoming year is $2,829,021.

Member Lisa Zielinski expressed concern about adopting the health insurance plan before knowing more about the 2012-2013 budget.

Koczela said she if confident the cost will fit into the budget but, if necessary, adjustments to the insurance plan can be made in July after the preliminary budget has been prepared.

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