Why Mequon needs Ashmore on council

March 18, 2014

Why Mequon needs

Ashmore on council

Public Forum:

It's said that we get the government we deserve. That's because it's up to us, the voters, to study our candidates and choose the best for the office. In aldermanic District 2, residents will find that they have an opportunity to vote for an exceptionally well-qualified candidate, Bob Ashmore.

Bob has a resume that can't be matched. It includes six years of prior Common Council experience and service as a former chair of Public Welfare Committee, Ethics Board and Board of Health; and as a member of the Public Works Committee and Parks Board. He is currently serving on the Board of Appeals.

Bob has been elected and appointed to serve in these many capacities because he brings an outstanding character and academic background to each task. With a Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame, he is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Director of the Center for Ethics Studies at Marquette University.

Beyond his service to the City of Mequon, he is often called upon to teach, write and speak on business ethics, philosophy of law and human rights to organizations including our state government in Madison.

With his record of achievement and background, it is easy to understand why Bob advocates safe, low traffic neighborhoods; educational excellence; low taxes; small efficient government; strong police and fire protection; and high quality development that preserves open space and natural areas.

On April 1st vote for a better Mequon, vote for Bob Ashmore.

J David and

Mary Glenn Fuchs



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