Police Report: Aug. 13

Published on: 8/13/2013



· An attempted burglary was reported on two storage units at A1 Stor All, 9946 N. Granville Road, on Aug. 5 or 6. The lock was pried off of one unit, but the door would open only a few inches. An attempt was made to remove the lock of the adjacent unit but was not successful.


· Two 24-year-old men, of West Allis and Greenfield, were arrested for the theft of two diamond rings, one valued at $45,000 and one at $300, from the 12500 block of North Woodberry Drive between July 31 to Aug. 2. The West Allis man, an employee of a window cleaner, had been in the home and asked at least twice to use the resident's bathroom. He reportedly took the rings and gave them to the other man to pawn. The $45,000 ring was pawned at Powers Jewelry, which had appraised the ring when purchased, for $2,000, and the $300 ring was pawned at Robert Hack Diamonds in Greenfield for $50.

· A steel sculpture of a plant about 6 feet tall and 8 feet wide valued at $1,000 was taken from a side yard in the 4800 block of West Donges Bay Road during the day Aug. 3.


· A 22-year-old Milwaukee man was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and failure to have a front license plate in the 13600 block of Interstate 43 at 7:45 p.m. Aug. 5. A water pipe/vaporizer with marijuana residue was found in the car. The man denied it was his, saying it belonged to a friend.


· A 31-year-old Madison man was cited for hit-and-run and inattentive driving at Port Washington and Mequon roads at 12:15 p.m. July 30. He had rear-ended a car, forcing that car into the car in front of it. The three drivers agreed to meet in the bank parking lot across the street, but the Madison man didn't arrive. A message was left at his home to call Mequon police, which he did, admitting hitting the one car, but then said the light changed and he couldn't find the other drivers so he drove home.



· Numerous youths were cited for curfew violations and other offenses in the 600 block of Park Crest Road at 11:23 p.m. Aug. 7. Police patrolling the area had observed a large group of people standing in the road. Seeing the patrol car, several from the group ran. Police eventually discovered that many in the group had vodka, some in water bottles. The group was believed to have been part of a birthday party in the 500 block of Park Crest Road. Two youths from Mequon were warned for a curfew violation. In addition to curfew warnings, one male Thiensville youth was cited for underage consumption, one boy and six girls from Mequon were cited for underage alcohol consumption, and one 17-year-old Mequon girl was cited for resisting police.

· A 43-year-old Mequon man was injured when he fell off his bicycle while trying to avoid a dog who was being walked along the Ozaukee Interurban Trail in the 200 block of Main Street at 6:22 p.m. Aug. 7. The bicyclist had approached from the rear when the dog's owner, a 69-year-old Thiensville woman, tried to pull the animal out of the way by its leash. The man was unable to avoid colliding with the dog and flew over his handlebars upon impact. He was taken to Froedtert Hospital by ambulance, but is not believed to have sustained life-threatening injuries. He was wearing a helmet. There was no mention of whether the dog was injured. The pet's owner was cited for not having a license for the dog.