It’s time to stop ‘urbanization’ of Mequon

March 20, 2013

Public Forum:

It's time to have a critical conversation about the future of the Mequon I know, love and have, at times, served. Thirty-two years ago my wife and I moved into our dream house near a quiet convent that is now a thriving university.

Mequon is a distinct destination community of which we should all be proud. The qualities that make it so include its mix of rural feel and urban amenities, outstanding educational opportunities, thoughtful development which strengthens our tax base while keeping tax rates low and careful crafting of a community that reflects the values of its residents. The current mayor and his appointees threaten these qualities.

As a former Planning Commissioner and member of both the Visioning Committee and the Community Conversation, I feel strongly that although perspectives differ, the majority of residents do not approve of Taco Bells built next to residences, banks built next to sidewalks, high density housing whose sole purpose is to increase school population and the urbanization of our rural areas.

So have the conversation and decide what makes Mequon special to you. I have, and to me April 2 is a make-or-break date in the history of Mequon. We must elect Dan Abendroth as the next mayor of Mequon in order to preserve all the qualities that make Mequon home.

Dan Bradley



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