Gielow is fundamentally changing Mequon

March 20, 2013

Public Forum:

As a Republicans, we are offended to see Mayor Gielow, wrapping himself in the cloak of a "conservative" when his words and actions speak volumes in the opposite direction. Hardly a Republican we can vote for in a "nonpartisan mayoral election." As to spending costs for local government, Mayor Gielow claims, "You can't cut your way to prosperity" almost word for word from President Obama's mouth: "We just can't cut our way to prosperity." Seems increasing taxes to increase spending is on both politicians minds. Density in housing will certainly add to city costs and infrastructure as Gielow and his developers try to "urbanize," strip mall and fast food Mequon into a fundamentally different city.

The constant "rezoning" requests and granting numerous waivers to developers to do as they wish. What happened to our standards and codes? You're busy, not paying attention to zoning agenda items in front of the council. Too boring, too many details or doesn't concern you? Ask the residents in the Knightsbridge subdivision, about how the boring subject of rezoning suddenly pops up. Because of little public notice you missed a chance to speak out against the zoning change and SURPRISE you have a high density housing planned right next door. It can and does happen. It can happen in your backyard, too. None of these actions reflect a "conservative" approach to city spending, or quality city planning.

Dan Abendroth, a fiscal conservative for 27 years, helped make Mequon the special, highly desirable city we live in. No newcomer to Mequon, Dan's voting record has always been to keep city government efficient with low costs and low taxes. Dan voted for quality, controlled development and listened to residents and his constituents, not concerned to make special interests happy, but us, residents of Mequon. Let's continue that.

Robert & Susan Chich



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