Writer points out Mequon mayor's conflict of interest

Published on: 3/6/2013


Public Forum:

Let's set the record straight …

I was dismayed to read the Warren Stumpe letter published in your Feb. 28 North Shore NOW. My Feb. 21 letter published in the Public Forum was a positive letter of thanks to Aldermen Adams and Abendroth for their dedicated public service.

Mr. Stumpe twisted the intent of my letter with misinformation and launched an attack on my character.

Following are some of the excerpts of Mr. Stumpe's misinformation/personal attacks and the associated documented facts:

"Phil Koepke is the financial backer of the (Abendroth for Mayor) campaign … ." Fact: According to the Government Accounting Bureau campaign report on file at the city clerk's office, my total campaign contribution is only $110 more than Mr. Stumpe's. To date, there are 19 Mequon residents contributing more dollars than myself to the Abendroth for Mayor campaign.

"(Koepke) is a vehement opponent of Concordia University's actions to improve their campus… ." Fact: As I stated in my letter published Feb. 21, "(Mequonccd.org - for which I serve as vice president) has supported quality economic growth initiatives," as long as they do not degrade our neighborhood. I did not detail those initiatives, but they INCLUDE CUW's growth on their main campus.

"… Koepke's ire to blame the mayor (Gielow) for his perceived grievances." Fact: I never mentioned the mayor in my thank you letter to Alderman Adams and Abendroth. And what does Mr. Stumpe know about our neighborhood? He has never attended one of many neighborhood meetings!

In closing, Mr. Stumpe, thank you for mentioning and trying to defend the obvious conflict of interest that exists between Mayor Gielow and CUW (which my letter did NOT reference). I hope Mequon voters consider this a key issue when they vote on April 2.


Phil Koepke