Abendroth stands for antebellum days in Mequon

Feb. 27, 2013


Public Forum:

What a surprise to read the two letters on the same page in your Public Forum supporting the Abendroth mayoral campaign. Phil Koepke is the financial backer of the campaign because he is a vehement opponent of Concordia University's actions to improve their campus and educational facilities. He would like nothing better than to drive this Mequon educational jewel out-of-town. Although Mequon Mayor Curt Gielow has recused himself from all decisions involving Concordia, he still bears the wrath of Koepke because he serves as the executive dean of the Pharmacy School. The decisions made regarding Concordia University were all approved by the Planning Commission and the Common Council, without Mayor Gielow's participation, but logic doesn't stand a chance against Koepke's ire to blame the mayor for his perceived grievances.

Robert Ashmore, a former Mequon alderman, serves as the co-chairman of Abendroth's campaign. He and Abendroth served with me on the Common Council during the Mayor Moriarty era, supporting Moriarty's effort to return Mequon to its antebellum days - no hospital, no movie theater, no super markets, no business park, etc., etc., etc. Both Ashmore and Abendroth were the strongest supporters of this "Moriarty Syndrome" as his enablers and sycophants. Does any sane Mequon resident want to return to that disruptive era?

What Ashmore doesn't tell you is that there is not one positive achievement in that time where he succeeded making Mequon a better community for its residents. Abendroth is running simultaneously against Mayor Gielow and to retain his aldermanic position. Now's the time to retire him from both aspirations by voting for Curt Gielow for mayor and Rob Strzelczyk for alderman in District 1.

Warren R. Stumpe



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