Abendroth does not push rampant urbanization

Feb. 27, 2013


Public Forum:

We see that Curt Gielow wants to be re-elected to the position of mayor of Mequon. I know Gielow, and I like him as a friend. However, as his position with Concordia University collides with the duties of mayor, Curt Gielow has taken an activist role regarding the fabric of Mequon, its planning, its historical master plan and the will of the people vs. special interests - namely the Mequon land developer industry.

Gielow has had to recuse himself approximately one-third of the time when leading his Plan Commission because of conflicts of interest. Think about this for a minute: If the mayor has such obvious conflicts of interest, why should he be re-elected? This is troubling because the mayor, with all his conflicts of interest, appoints all members of the Plan Commission.

Secondly, Gielow seems to have an obsession with high density housing. Ostensibly this will bring more children into the Mequon-Thiensville schools. Does anyone think that "low cost starter homes" and apartments will produce school taxes sufficient to support our "gold-plated" school system?

Travel to Brown Deer Road (the former Northridge) and observe the deterioration that has occurred in the last 20 years. It is shocking to see the acres of vacant buildings and store fronts. Do we want Mequon to look like this in 20 years? This urban blight is the result of people feeling unsafe to shop and live in this area. I don't want to see Gielow's urbanization push engulfing Mequon!

I am supporting Dan Abendroth for mayor because Dan's 27 years of service proves that he loves Mequon and is committed to high quality, sustainable growth, not rampant urbanization.


Bruce Duncan



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