Whitefish Bay adopts grievance policy for employees

Sept. 7, 2011

The Whitefish Bay Village Board adopted an employee grievance policy Tuesday night, bringing it into compliance with Act 10, the state budget repair bill that mandated the development of such policies for all governmental bodies. The grievance policy covers issues previously covered under public employee contracts.

The board reviewed and adopted a policy developed by attorneys from Buelow Vetter.

The policy allows an employee to file a written grievance with his/her department head within five business days of the incident. The department head or his/her designee may settle the matter but if not the village manager would review the issue as a second step.

The process would continue through a hearing by an impartial hearing officer who would prepare a written decision.

Should the issue not be resolved by the decision of the impartial hearing officer, the Village Board, or the Library Board in the case of a library employee, would conduct a final review and decide the matter by a majority vote.

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