Man arrested after accidentally shooting through apartment wall while naked

July 30, 2012

Apparently, practice doesn't make perfect as a 53-year-old Bayside man found out after accidentally shooting through the wall of his apartment in Bayside.

According to a Bayside police report:

The man was arrested for a misdemeanor charge of endangering safety by negligent use of a dangerous weapon after discharging a firearm inside his apartment which went through his wall into the next apartment in the 9100 block of North White Oak Lane at 4:20 p.m. July 22.

The man said he was sitting naked on his living room floor practicing loading and unloading his .45 caliber gun and pulling the trigger to "improve his muscle memory." He thought the gun was empty when he aimed at a picture on the wall in front of him and the gun discharged. His wife was sitting just six feet away from that picture. The bullet went through the wall into the next apartment where it hit a vase, skipped off the ceiling and ended up in another vase. That resident was within a few feet of the flying bullet.

The man said he felt "horrible and embarrassed."

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