Burn 300 Calories in 20 Minutes with this Workout

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Hello Sabrina,

Yesterday, while hanging out in the trainer's office, I got to chatting with Kyle (one of our trainers) about facebook and the silly things people post.

Kyle, being the super trainer that he is, started posting workouts on his facebook page.  Brilliant. 

This inspired me to share a quick calorie blasting cardio workout with you.  My intention is to inspire you to do this workout a few times over the holiday season.

All you need is a treadmill and 20 minutes to burn a few hundred calories with this workout.  I've posted 2, the first for runners and the second for walkers.

This 20-minute jaunt keeps your actual running/walking speed constant (outside of the warm-up and cool-down), but alters the grade of incline to produce two separate gradual climbs that are six minutes in duration. The steepest, most intense part of each climb (6% incline) is also the shortest (one minute).

Runner's Workout


6.5           0              3

7              2              3

7              4              2

7              6              1

7              0              1

7              2              3

7              4              2

7              6              1

7              1              1

6.5            0              3

Walker's Workout


3            0              3

3.5         2              3

3.5         4              2

3.5         6              1

3.5         0              1

3.5         2              3

3.5         4              2

3.5         6              1

3.5         1              1

3            0              3

If you would like to adjust the workout to your specific fitness level,  I recommend adjusting the speed.  For instance if you're a marathoner start with a speed of 8 and if you're just starting out on a fitness program you may want to start with a speed of 2.

Enjoy the workout.

Your partners in health and fitness,

Sabrina Lynn Domenosky and the Fitness Together Team


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