How to Burn 15 Calories in Only 1 Minute

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Hi Sabrina,

What is 7 feet tall, stick skinny, and when used correctly will have you burning 15 calories per minute?

I'll give you another hint - you can purchase one for roughly five bucks.  Still not sure?  How about this hint - professional athletes use it all the time.

Ok, ok I'll stop with the hints and just tell you what it is.  The too good to be true piece of cardio equipment I'm talking about is the one and only jump rope.

We use them in our studios all the time for quick bursts of cardio during personal training sessions.  We have one client who has taken jump roping to the next level. 

He's our youngest client (only 13) and by far our best jumper!  We have a video of his amazing new routine posted on our facebook page.  Check it out at the following link:

Below are notes from his main trainer Tara:

"In just 4 months Jason went from looking at a jump rope to dominating it. This past summer he's gained a passion for jumping and it all started with the "jumping rope on a BOSU"  challenge (ask your trainer if you're interested in jumping on the  bandwagon). He's learned over a dozen tricks, while improving his speed and stamina. Even his mother noticed that he didn't get winded at all while playing soccer this fall, plus he's lost weight and grown taller!  Jason has truly motivated other clients as well as his trainer... I'm still working on getting 50 BOSU jumps in a row." - Tara C.

If you're looking for a little motivation to get your rear moving make sure you check out Jason's video.


Your Partners in Health and Happiness,

Sabrina Lynn Domenosky and The Fitness Together Team

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