9 Entertaining Must Do Exercises

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Good Morning Sabrina,

The Mequon personal trainers and I thought you might enjoy reading our extremely entertaining exercise list that will lead you to a healthier lifestyle.  I encourage you to not only read it but implement some of the exercises into your daily life.

PUSH your plate away as soon as you feel full, no need to stuff yourself.

CURL an 8 oz. water bottle at least 8 times a day.

JUMP at the chance to use the stairs.

WALK past the doughnut shop.

STEP UP your workouts by adding variety and intensity.

PULL your car into the furthest parking spot, no need to fear that short walk to the door.

KICK the cookies out of your grocery cart, they belong back on the shelf.

CARRY your willpower with you wherever you go.

RUN to Fitness Together for your personal training session.

Living a healthy lifestyle starts with one step at a time.  Take that step, implement one of the above exercises today!

Sabrina Lynn Domenosky and the Fitness Together Team

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