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Brown Sign!"  Says Holly from the passenger seat of the rental car as she points to a big brown sign on the side of the freeway.  I crank on the steering of our rental car (a.k.a. go-cart) and barely make the exit.

When playing the Brown Sign Game you don't want to miss the sign your navigator points out!

This particular brown sign proved to be a worthwhile stop.  It had a few miles of hiking trails with breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains.

Holly (my business partner) and I were in Colorado last week.  Most of our time was spent attending the week long Fitness Together conference but we did manage to find time to play in the mountains and get our workouts in.  Yes, we got our workouts in - EVERYDAY.

The best workouts were , without a doubt, done while playing the Brown Sign Game.  Brown signs mark recreation areas which are perfect for outdoor workouts.  3 of the 6 days in Colorado Holly and I went hiking or running at the brown sign stops.  It was absolutely breath-taking out there.  Snow capped mountains, colorful leaves, and crystal clear mountain springs. 

You don't have to go all the way to Colorado to play the Brown Sign Game.  Right now, Wisconsin is beautiful with the fall colors.  So get out and do some hiking, trail running, biking, walking - anything - just get out there and enjoy the leaves before they're gone!

In case you don't want to drive around looking for brown signs we've compiled a short list of great hiking spots nearby:

1.  Along the Milwaukee River from Caesar's Park to Estabrook Park. Trail access near the Urban Ecology Center.

2.  Schlitz Audubon Nature Center  Hugs Lake Michigan on E. Brown Deer Rd.

3.  Hiking Trails at Kettle Moraine State Forest

4.  Glacial Drumlin State Trail

5.  Havenwoods State Forest

6.  Lapham Peak in Delafield

If you know of some other great local spots please feel free to post them on our facebook page at:

We've also posted some hiking pictures from Colorado on our facebook page if you'd like to see them check out the link.

Sabrina Domenosky and the Fitness Together Team

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