Where Do We Find Our Employees?

We love our employees too!

After we are finished working on a property we often get asked “Where do you get your staff from” or “where did you learn all that tree stuff”, and we also have a few parents ask “are you hiring? My son or daughter needs a job!” 

A number of years ago the owners of our company made the decision to grow the company with graduates of two and four year college degree programs. Our current staff includes graduates of UW Madison, Purdue University, UW Stevens Point, Milwaukee Area Technical College, Mid State Technical Colleges and a number of other universities and colleges. Currently, we have 28 college graduates on staff with two more on the way this coming May.

Our company actively supports through donations and time to the following three schools. Graduates from these schools comprise the majority of our staff, and this answers the question of where do we learn all the “Tree Stuff”!

For individuals or parents looking to learn more about the programs and opportunities at some of those schools, the following links may help. If you would like more information on these programs or others, feel free to contact Jeff Wilson at Jwilson@wachteltree.com

Milwaukee Technical College


UW Stevens Point


Mid-State Technical College


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