Continued Struggles to Communicate with Xinjiang University

It's now been one month since our return from China; more than three weeks since the violent outbreak in Urumqi where Concordia University Wisconsin's sister school Xinjiang University is located. Virtually all communication was shut down when the riots broke out and even now there is very limited information getting through. 

Those involved with running the international studies program at Concordia tell me that e-mails and phone calls, especially international calls, are not going through to Xinjiang University. The Chinese government is now forcing international phone numbers to be registered before they will   route them through.

I've just been informed that next summer in July, ten representatives from Xinjiang University will be visiting Concordia University for more than a week. There delegation will be a mix of MBA students and faculty. This will be an exciting time because the visiting MBA students will be able to visit local business here and learn about U.S. business practices. They will also be involved in seminars on campus allowing them to interact with other students.

There is talk that I will continue to be involved with the international program here at Concordia University and perhaps even have another opportunity to travel back to China or other parts of Asia where Concordia University has relationships with other universities. The overall experience has been a positive one not only for me, but for Concordia University and Xinjiang University as well. I will continue to post updates as long as this blog remains active. Thanks again for taking the time to read and please share your comments and thoughts with me at

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