Volunteer to Assist in Removing Invasive Weeds from Our Parks


“Citizen Stewardship of Our Milwaukee County Parks”.  That’s our mission statement; a nice concise phrase packing a lot of meaning in a few words. Stewardship means different things to different people, but one meaning is maintaining the health of our neighborhood parks - something that can not be accomplished by our dedicated park workers alone. That’s where you come in!

“Weed-Out”, is a program in its second decade dedicated to ridding our park’s natural areas of invasive plants. Spring and fall, volunteers help eliminate or control the spread of exotic threats to our native plants and trees.

What’s the problem with invasive plants? Most plants become invasive when they have no natural controls such as insects or animals. That occurs most often with species introduced from different continents. A horrible example is kudzu introduced to our south to control erosion which now has reached the northern suburbs of Chicago as it adapted to cooler climates. You see it growing up trees as it smothers all other vegetation under it. It soon will be in our area as temperatures moderate and as it adapts.

Garlic mustard is another example, and one that’s of more immediate concern to us. It’s spreading across the northern United States from east to west, largely in our forests, but also in our yards, gardens, and parks. Garlic mustard attacks the beneficial fungus in the soil, destroying an energy source needed by our trees and native flowers, resulting in a reduced germination rate of beneficial species. Garlic mustard has a huge financial impact, not only in the cost to control its spread, but in the increased lumber price that ensues. Garlic mustard also crowds out our native woodland plants reducing our native populations. Without action on our part we will soon have only a mono-culture of garlic mustard and other invasive plants reducing the food supply for our native insects, bees, birds, and other wildlife that depend on plant diversity.

Once again this spring, generally on Saturdays in May, we will be doing Weed-Outs in several of our parks. Garlic mustard removal is our main goal. We’d love to extend the program to every park and every stretch of parkways, but that takes concerned neighbors who are willing to pitch in. Weed-Out is expanding, thanks in large part to The Park People’s Friends initiative which is creating more and more neighborhood park groups. Please consider joining in. Watch our web site for the spring schedule, or call the office for latest information. And, don’t hesitate to let us know which park you’d like to see added to the list! I hope to see you in the woods this spring!

                      Spring 2008 Schedule             

Unless otherwise noted all times are 9am - Noon

Juneau Park

Sunday June 8  12:30 – 3:30

Meet near the log cabin  

Boerner Botanical Gardens

May 17, 24

Meet at CCC building next to parking lot for Boerner Botanical Gardens,

9400 Boerner Dr, Hales Corners, WI 

Lake Park
April 19, 26, and Saturdays in May 3-24

Meet at the warming house,
2975 N. Lake Park Rd., Milwaukee


Jacobus Park

April 26, May 3

Meet at pavilion
6501 Hillside Lane, Wauwatosa


Sheridan Park

May 3, 27

Meet at the pavilion,
4800 S. Lake Dr., Cudahy


Greenfield Park

April 29, May  9am-noon

Meet at Cool Waters Parking Lot

2028 S. 124th St

Estabrook Park

May 4th SUNDAY

Meet at parking lot across from lagoon

4400 N. Estabrook Dr, Shorewood


Menomonee River Parkway - West

May 10th

Meet on the west side of the river near Keefe

Grant Park

Saturdays in May

Meet at picnic area #1 Use park main Rd from blinking stop sign at S. Lake Dr and Park Ave in S. Milwaukee


Riverside Park

Saturdays in May 9am-11 tentative

Meet at Urban Ecology Center

2808 N. Bartlett St,  Milwaukee

Gordon Park

Located in Riverwest

Contact Vince  for Date and time



Honey Creek Parkway

May 10

Meet at 8024 Brookside Pl, Wauwatosa

Greendale Parks

Call Nancy at (414) 421-9304

For locations and sessions

Kletzsch Park

Saturdays in May 9am-3PM

Meet at pavilion,
6560 N. Milwaukee River Pkwy, Glendale


Lincoln Memorial Drive Bike Trail

May 10

Meet behind Altera 1701 N Lincoln Memorial Dr.

Trimborn Farm

May 10 and May 24



Menomonee River Parkway – East

May 17

Meet on the east side of the river near Keefe

Cudahy Nature Preserve

Saturdays in May


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