Local Media Interviews Concordia Staffers

The enthic tension and violence in Urumqi this week continues to get worldwide media coverage. Since our group was in the exact region just days before the unrest began there is interest by local media to tell our story. Specifically, WISN-TV Channel 12 was on the Concordia University Wisconsin campus this week to interview Christine Kao and Kathy Butler, who were both on our recent trip. Patrick Paolantonio is the reporter who will be presenting the piece on Sunday night (7-12) during the 10 p.m. news.

The News Graphic, a local paper in Cedarburg, will also be running a story on our recent trip. This publication ran a story last month just before we departed on Concordia's student exchange program and the effort by the university to reach out to China and other countries. I appreciate the press and their interest in talking about Concordia's program and what we did while we were in China.   

I'm still amazed at the fact that I was in the region, where all this unrest and violence is taking place, just days before everything escalated. Our efforts to contact people at Xinjiang University in Urumqi continues to be a challenge. We have not been able to get through to anyone and have heard reports that internet and phone, especially international service, has been shutdown. This is frustrating for me and others who want to check in to make sure everyone over there is alright.

I will be monitoring the situation and post more updates when there is something significant to pass along.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I welcome your comments and thoughts about the current situation in China. Send them to craig.mccarthy@cuw.edu

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