Hopeful Choices..

“Squeezing every penny for love”,   was the heading of an article that appeared in The  New York Times on Feb. 14, 2009. It began  as follows:

·         “Homemade cards replace long-stemmed roses.

·         A night in with Netflix instead of a night out at theater

·         Personal poems in place of personal   jewellery.

This year, Valentine‘s Day is proving particularly vulnerable to the bursting of the economic bubble”.

To these timely ideas,  I would like to add a few more of my own thoughts in these challenging economic times as follows:

·         Eating in vs. Eating out

·         Learning to cook vs. Carrying out

·         Making time vs. No time for others

·         Slow and Sure vs. Hurried hectic pace

·         Exercising  and walking  vs. Driving around

·         Caring  vs. Being apathetic

·         Finding solutions vs. Blaming others

·         Random acts of kindness vs. Self-centered focus

·         Positive attitude vs. Negative attitude

·         There is a way vs. No way

·         Hope vs. Nope

·         Taking charge vs. Giving up

·         Paying bills vs.  Mindless spending

·         Open to change vs.  Resisting  change

·         Wellness vs. Trouble sticking with wholesome healthy choices

·         Yes, I care vs. Who cares?

I feel sad to see so many people being laid off, facing foreclosures, losing health insurance,  our country fighting two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and facing natural disasters all at the same time.  Yes, this is a very difficult period for our country.  But our country has overcome even greater challenges in the past. We will overcome our present challenges too.   

As a mother, I am very happy to say my awesome son ( Senior Director of Business Development for an Atlanta based company) working with the CEO of the company is helping create jobs for Americans. The company was set up as a start-up venture about 6 years ago, and has grown from 4 people (one of whom was my son) to well over 1000 employees now. So, you see, we can create jobs if we are creative and determined.

In Wisconsin, let us recognize the businesses, individuals with creativity, cultural and culinary promoters and try to recognize from within. In this process we all overcome our challenges, boost our economy, and education. We can become winners and build a great future for us and for our children in our state and nation.

Even in anxious and  difficult times, we can be optimistic and see how to make our future better.  Yes, we can advance surely!


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